Notte Profonda

Splendida luna, gatta che lievi zampe posi sui sogni

A bright new day

Of all the things I miss the most today,

that careless attitude, that joy I felt

that had no cause, no reason but the sun,

the bare awareness that I was alive

and had another day, another chance

to live, and face the mystery of a world

that I knew not, yet craved to know,

is what I wish I had right now. And still,

I know that child I used to be is not

yet dead. I hear him laugh from time to time,

I hear him cry aloud and shake his fists.

And though that kid is now an older man,

his eyes are still with me, and see the world

with wonder, dare to dream again and never

cease to live, and love and want a bright

new day.

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