Notte Profonda

Splendida luna, gatta che lievi zampe posi sui sogni

Welcome to Notte Profonda

notte profonda

Welcome to Notte Profonda, the  Deep Night, when it seems that daylight has never dawned on earth, when it feels that the sun may never return.

Welcome to the darkness, like the closet of the house we lived in when we were children, or of the old basement, which smelled of mold, the darkness of the trail a thick birch forest.

Welcome to the darkness of the soul, when everything is silent and life itself has stopped and standing still, as waiting.

Welcome to the deepest night, when the distant memory of the blue sky and the clouds and the sun, of summer afternoons seems to slip through our fingers, like water, in which the last candle, getting dimmer, go off, in a pinnacle of smoke.

And that’s when we see an ocean of stars shine on us up in the sky.

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